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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Click by Jassi Premi


As a pioneer of the UK Bhangra industry from the 1980's, Jassi Premi has been entertaining the crowds for over 35 years. Hit songs such as 'Jago Aahiya', 'Teri Ni Kaali Guth Goriye', 'Aaj Mein Peeniya' and countless others have been enjoyed by fans throughout the world and played at thousands of milestone events such as birthdays and weddings. Packed out world tours have seen him perform live to crowds in Canada, USA, Singapore, Malaysia, India, Kenya, Sweden, France and many more where the diaspora has demanded a show. Known for his smooth and extensive vocal range, he is also a multi-talented musician, playing the Harmonium, Sitar and most famously the Tumbi.

Now due to public demand, he is set to release his new single, 'Click', produced by famous music producer Davinder Kainth. The upbeat tempo is guaranteed to be a dance floor hit, so go put on your dancing shoes and enjoy this latest banger from an industry legend!

Jassi Premi 07786391591

For your exclusive copy email: info@mrrecords.co.uk


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