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Friday, December 17, 2010

Pakistani actress Veena Malik nude in porn flick?? Hardcore Veena Malik sex video hits the net?


It is learnt that Pakistani actress and model Veena Malik had posed nude in the past on more than one occasion. The first appearance of her nude photographs was in 2001, but Veena Malik had brushed off the images as though they were flies on a pancake. “I have not posed for those photographs, and I am not bothered by them,” she has confidently claimed at that time. A Pakistani sleaze magazine also mentioned that Veena Malik has acted in several soft porn movies at times either semi nude or completely nude. By then Veena Malik was so used to such allegations of nude or porn movies, that she stopped replying to such accusations. The media too began to ignore her some of them felt that Veena Malik was herself behind all the photographs and videos ostensibly to keep herself in the news and on the front pages of publications.

Another Pakistani website claimed that Veena Malik has acted in hardcore porn movies in the West. After Veena Malik made it into Bigg Boss, Season 4 on Colors, hosted by Salman Khan, media both in India and Pakistan began taking interest in her all over again. Meanwhile a hardcore sex porn video is in circulation, claiming that the video was shot by Veena Malik and a Dutch male porn star in 2010 just before she entered Bigg Boss and that Veena Malik was paid the equivalent of Rs 30 lakh for a half day hardcore sex shoot.

We are not sure if this information is true, but apparently a 29-year-old male Dutch porn star has gone on record that he shot explicity sex scenes including those of penetrative sex with a Pakistani model whose name was Veena Malik. The male porn star whose screen name is Melwin,  has claimed in an interview to a Dutch tabloid that the model looked exactly like the one in the Reality Show on Colors – Bigg Boss, Season 4. As Veena Malik is still inside the Bigg Boss house, we have to wait till she gets out for her comments. He has gone on record to say that the Pakistani model was very co-operative and wanted the video to be out in a few months. Maybe if it was the real Mc Coy, then Veena Malik was hoping that the video would be her ticket to fame and scandal, which would help her float easily through Bigg Boss without being eliminated or evicted.

All this information is unreliable and we leave it at that – gossip and hearsay. We have no way of authenticating all this information. We can’t go up to Veena Malik and ask her if she ever acted in any porn movies. Can we?

We bring you a collection of Veena Malik nude photographs which have been published elsewhere in the past. Kindly note, we take no responsibility for these photographs and neither do we vouch for their authenticity and credibility or legitimacy. For all that you know these photos could be morphed or digitally altered and we are not responsible for the same. We do not claim that these photos are necessarily those of Veena Malik. We are merely reproducing what has been in circulation for a very long time for the benefit of our readers.

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