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Monday, February 27, 2012

Tushar Unadkat To Receive Trail•blaz•er Award

www.insurancerate.com StarBuzz Weekly, Toronto-Canada’s ReelWorld will honor Tushar Unadkat as the Trail·blaz·er at their 12th Annual Film Festival to be held April 11-15, 2012, in Toronto, Canada.
Trail·blaz·er (tral’bla·zer): Someone who blazes a trail to guide others; a pioneer in a particular area who is pointing things in a new direction; an innovator. For ReelWorld, a trailblazer is an up-and-coming voice contributing to Canada’s multi-ethnic framework and entertainment industry, making strides through innovation.
Created in 2002, the Trailblazer Award recognizes the accomplishments of ethnically diverse Canadian entertainment industry professionals whose work has broadened our horizons. Over the past ten years ReelWorld has recognized some of Canada’s brightest talent for their ability to bring us innovative stories and to forge a bright future for the Canadian entertainment industry.
Internationally celebrated CEO and Creative Director of MUKTA Advertising, Tushar Unadkat holds a Master in Design degree from University of Dundee, Scotland and Honors in Photography from University of Wolverhampton, England. In the past decade, Tushar has executed art direction in the film, fashion, advertising and events industry in USA, England, Scotland, France, Germany, Netherlands, India and Canada. Winning 14 international awards, he has worked with OSCAR winning producers and editors in the past as the Production Designer making a significant name in the Western Cross-Over Film-Industry and earning credits on more than 25 feature films in his portfolio.
Currently enrolled on a Business Edge program at Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto, Unadkat produced a cross-over Bollywood-Hollywood genre feature film titled: Surkhaab scheduled to theatrically release this summer in US, Canada and India.
Buy Tickets in Person at the ReelWorld Box Office located at the Famous Players Canada Square Theatre, 2190 Yonge Street – for more information on ReelWorld Film Festival visit: www.reelworld.ca

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