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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Stop Diabetes Foundation’s 4th Annual free Awareness event

The 80 year world's fittest and oldest bodybuilder, Ernestine Shepherd inspired Peel Region residents on Mother's Day at the Stop Diabetes Foundation's 4th Annual free Awareness event

The "Granny 6-packs", Ernestine Shepherd from United States was the guest of honour in the 4th annual free healthy living education event of the charitable Stop Diabetes Foundation (SDF). The event held in the Pearson Convention Centre had over a thousand attendees.

SDF's 4th successful annual health seminar saw extensive participation from the media and Peel Region residents. This 4th instalment of the health education seminar proved to be one of the key milestones in the registered charitable organization's ongoing fight against the growing epidemic of diabetes and achieve "SDF VISION 2020" – i.e. to remove the unfortunate distinction of being the "Diabetes capital of Canada" from Peel Region before the year 2020. SDF aims to accomplish this through a series of community initiatives and healthy living communication of simplified information to the public - emphasizing lifestyle, diet and fitness.

An attentive and engaged audience of over 1000 public participants thoroughly enjoyed the 7-hour educational and informative program on 14th May, from 10am-5pm. A live translation of the healthy lifestyle crash course was conducted separately in Punjabi, English and Hindi/ Urdu languages. The role-model celebrity guest Ernestine Shepherd- the epitome of healthy living, shared her words of wisdom and gave important life lessons for healthy living through a motivational speech, live demonstrations of her exercise regime and informative question and answer sessions. "Granny 6-packs" who has been featured on shows and books including Ripley's Believe it or Not, Oprah Winfrey, CNN, Good Morning America Show and many more; emphasised that it is never too late to become physically fit. She shared her 20 years old mantra "Determined, Dedicated, Disciplined" to be fit for life by 'exercising, eating healthy and diet'. The day's program also included short, classroom-style information session by healthcare providers who volunteer for SDF and it's community health initiatives, sessions on eating healthy and portion- controlled diets, energizing Zumba exercise dancing (in which even the political dignitaries – Ms. Kamal Khera, Ms. Sonia Sidhu and Dr. Shafiq Qaadri – participated), door prize giveaways.

The day started with a free healthy breakfast comprising of a mixture of several fruits, followed by a free healthy lunch for everyone that was prepared especially according to the dietitians' advice – to help set an example of healthy food options that can be nutritious and tasteful at the same time. Balanced portions of carbohydrates, protein and vegetables were taught as important ingredients for people to adopt in their diet to halt the growing epidemic of diabetes. The day's program also included free glucose and blood pressure testing, CANRISK risk surveys and diet education booths on diets and healthier lifestyle. A free bus service to and from the venue was also arranged for attendees from four different convenient locations in Peel region and adjoining areas. 

In order to facilitate the SDF VISION 2020, Dr. Harpreet Bajaj, the founder along with his volunteer team of certified healthcare providers, successfully launched two new key community initiatives (1) 'Health Menu Choices at Chain Restaurants'- Educating people on how to understand calorie information available on chain restaurant menu and (2) '8 weeks to a healthier you'- An eight weeks challenge of eight videos that will be shared to the registered participants for this weight loss challenge via a YouTube link on WhatsApp, social media or  email.

For more information to learn about initiatives of STOP Diabetes and it's mission, please visit www.stopdiabetesfoundation.com

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/STOPdiabetesfoundation 

Twitter:  @STOPDMpeel

For more information or to arrange health education public events or to volunteer for the organization, call 647-986- STOP (7867)


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